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GameCredits Limited

GameCredits is blockchain based, easy to use and fast growing in-game monetization platform: Official Website

Peaksel GameCredits Partnership

Peaksel is a company that was founded in May 2012. Peaksel has 25 full-time employees, and operates in a modern company-owned office. They specialize in creating, publishing, and marketing mobile apps and games for Android, iOS and Windows devices. Most of their projects are created solely in-house by their team in all respects – from getting ideas to marketing finished products. As far as monetizing and distributing of their apps goes, Peaksel partners with multiple companies all over the world. Currently they have produced over 40 published gaming titles with an approximate annual revenue of ~€7 million. As of Q4 2015 they had 350,000 registered users. Peaksel games will appear as "Full version download" on GameCredits GameHub.

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Slipstream integration

Unity is absolutely the most popular game engine and framework today for making games. We are targeting Unity developers by working in cooperation with Webelinx to make a plugin that can be easily integrated to monetize their games. This will encourage a faster integration rate for over 100 games in the pipeline from our partners, and Unity developers, regardless of the platform.

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Our Webwallet can act as a vault: Funds can be deposited yet frozen for withdraw till agreed date.

CoinFest Global sponsor

The CoinfestUK taking place in Manchester on April 8 will feature a Decentralized Arcade with several games to play. GameCredits is a Coinfest sponsor and will be exhibiting the game TurboCharged: Grand Prix which will consist of a race for a Grand Prize of 15,000 GameCredits (~$700), with a second and third place prize also offered and will last for 21 days. 50 Lottery-like scratch cards will be handed out rewarding GameCredits to the lucky to win, yet, our main trump is one of the biggest prizes in crypto game ever!. We are proud to announce our sponsorship with CoinFest global. We're looking forward to cooperation and we both hope our partnership will benefit us both. Find the event near you, and - see you there!

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Android wallet

The GameCredits (GAME) Android Wallet features a complete solution for easily obtaining, storing, and sending GAME to any GameCredits address or registered user. The wallet can be used to both send and receive GameCredits, monitor transactions, buy GameCredits, and includes a built in Qr code scanner for ease of use. GAME can be purchased in the app using Paypal, Skrill, Visa/Mastercard, Bitcoin, SMS, and includes a contact option for investors and much more handy users going to love!

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There's a password generator within a wallet that produces uncrackable passwords for your peace of mind. We also encourage you to use 2FA authentification for better security.

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