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The Developer Center is both an application and a good starting point for game developers that want to use the GameCredits API.

Serving as a helpful tool for when a game goes live, developers can manage their game applications, and app tokens that they need in order to use our API. The API documentation, tutorials, and getting started guide are presented.

The plugins can be downloaded there too.Developers are greeted by a robust dashboard providing statistics and charts about sales along with earnings data.
It's easy to keep track of customers so you can reach out to them later, and even do some marketing. Options are presented in an intuitive menu, enabling easy viewing of customer and transaction statistics.

A set of tools is provided allowing management of all the developers' applications, items, and donations. An item statistics section shows your most popular items. The easy donate button generator generates some code that you can copy and paste on your website and accept donations in GameCredits.

A help section provides documentation, access to customer support, and allows you to manage security options.
GameHub Development Continues

With our current partnerships we have over a 150 popular games scheduled to deploy on the GameCredits Game Hub. While the Game Hub tech is ready to go, we are now working on the integration of the games onto the Hub. This process includes translating each game into nine different languages for players from around the world.

Once our Unity Developer Platform is complete, game developers will have a much simpler and quicker way to integrate onto the Game Hub directly. For now, direct integration and testing continues in preparation for the Game Hub launch.

Android Wallet Almost Here!

GameCredits is excited to announce that our Android wallet app is literally days away from being available on Android phones around the world. The wallet is currently in the final stages of testing and is planned to be released near the end of this week. It will be available for download on Google Play.

Initially, the Android wallet will serve as a mobile extension of the GameCredits web wallet. Users will enter the same login and password information they use on their web wallet to access the mobile app. In the future, players and users will be able to register an account on the Android wallet app separate from the web wallet.

There are many upgrades to the Android app planned for the near future. The app will be synced with the GameCredits Game Hub. Users will be able to access the most popular Game Hub games directly from the Android App. In addition, players will be able to purchase GameCredits directly using the Android app (see article below). Likewise users and players will be able to get the latest GameCredits news directly from the GameCredits app.

We at GameCredits consider the Android app to be but the latest step on simple and seamless GameCredits integration into the gaming world. Get those phones ready!


You can download the test APK by clicking on Download button.
Your oppinion is important to us: androidtest@gamecredits.net
Intro to GameCredits for Game Developers

The purpose of this video is to show the ease of GameCredits monetization system use, and the benefits it brings for Game Developers.

GameCredits for Developers video
View on our YouTube channel
Purchase GameCredits with PayPal - Coming Very Soon!

Following on the heels of the Android App, we are pleased to announce that very soon users and gamers will be able to purchase GameCredits directly using Paypal. Buying GAME with Paypal will be a 1-click process directly from either the web wallet or the Android app.

We believe this will be the first step for allowing gamers easy access to GAME using payment methods they are most familiar with. Paypal is just the first payment platform that will be available for direct GAME purchases. In the future players will be able to buy GAME directly from inside their wallets using MC, VISA, Skrill, SMS or direct through an crypto exchange. We want to make purchasing GameCredits fast and easy for everyone.

Look for the official Paypal announcement within the next two weeks.

Weekly Q&A Conference Calls Planned

Everyday the team at GameCredits receives inquiries and interest from the gaming community. While our approach is a methodical one, with an emphasis on making sure that every step along the way is done correctly and with an eye to the future, the buzz around GameCredits and our developer platform grows everyday.

One of our priorities now is to get the greater GameCredits community more involved in this momentum. We realize there is a lot of excited and talented people in our community that can help us.

For this reason we soon hope to start a weekly video conference call with our team open to the public, where we can interact with you and answer questions directly from you.

We believe in transparency and teamwork and want to be here for anyone who wants know to be a part or know more about the GameCredits project.

Keep an eye out for more details about our first public conference call coming soon. We look forward to meeting you and answering any questions you may have!

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