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It’s Official. Buy GAME with Paypal!

We are pleased to announce that anyone with a GameCredits online wallet can now buy GAME instantaneously within their online wallet using Paypal.


To get a free secure online wallet go to:

GameCredits Web Wallet

For the first time, wallet holders do not have to purchase from an exchange and do not have to convert USD to BTC to GAME. Buying GAME is now as easy as one-click direct to wallet.


Paypal buying limits are set in tiers, so that the more GAME a user buys, the more that user’s 24 hour purchase limits will increase over time. There will be 4 level tiers for purchasing. The beginning tier will allow a user to buy to up $3 GAME every 24 hours. Over time each user will be able earn the ability to buy up to $50 worth of GAME per 24 hours using Paypal.


Paypal’s wallet integration is an important first step in GameCredits’ plan for Game Hub purchases and in-game monetization. Paypal integration is not just in-wallet but also in-game!

Now when a gaming developer uses GameCredits Unity Developer Platform API, all of that developer’s players will be able to a purchase using Paypal within the games themselves.


For example, once the integration of Webelinks’ games into our development center completes in the next upcoming weeks, over 1.5 million gamers will have instant access to GAME via Paypal.


Players who have instant in-game access to GAME purchases will be able to use GAME inside any game on the GameCredits hub. Players will be able to seamlessly transfer GAME from one game to another or to their web wallet for storage. This will give players unprecedented flexibility for owning and using in-game currency.


The GameCredits team now turns our attention to other in-game purchase options including MC, VISA and direct SMS purchases. These in-wallet and in-game purchasing options will provide even higher limit purchasing options for players in the future. Stay tuned for updates on these additional payment options.

Google Hangout #2 - Please Join Us This Thursday May 5th

We would like to invite you to join us for our second weekly google hangout this Thursday May 5th at 6pm GMT - 2pm EST - 11am PST.


This week our Co-Founder Alex, one of our marketing strategists Ivica, and our lead developer Nikola will be joining us on the hangout to answer questions and give a vision of where GameCredits is headed.


To join the hangout please visit:

Join Hangout Meeting

And in case you missed last weeks hangout you can watch it here:

1st GameCredits Hangouts (April 28th)

Docker Container For 3rd Party Developer

We are please to announce that this week we will be releasing a Docker container for GameCredits. Docker allows 3rd party developers a streamlined process of building on the GameCredits open source platform.


As we expand, our goal is to make it as easy as possible for developers to build out additional applications related to GameCredits. With the Docker container we will be able to bring on more developers, facilitate their creativity and create a more consistent development culture within our open source protocol.


It’s our goal to help assist new developers in all ways possible. If you are a new developer interested in working on the GameCredits protocol please contact us at info@gamecredits.net for more information about Docker and our current development projects.

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